Every member of the Lighthouse Board is dedicated to our homeschool community, by striving to make this community engaging, active, and supportive for all families involved.  The Board’s goals are to provide exciting opportunities through parent meetings, family events, clubs, academic events and so much more.  Each board position is filled with homeschool parents just like you, and are people who recognize the importance of faithfully serving our amazing Lighthouse community for two consecutive years.


Lighthouse is a registered non-profit organization.

Andrea Hart
  • Guides the board and oversees the general functions of the association. 

  • Serves as a contact /representative for the association.

  • Helps plan and lead most board sponsored events such as family picnics, parent meetings and other group wide events. 

Vice President / President Elect
Melody Martin
  • Serves as a support to our Lighthouse community by attending Lighthouse events, parent meetings, board meetings and many more. 

  • Serves as a liaison between the board and all committee leads by keeping the communication lines open. 

  • Serves for one year and then as President her second year of the term.  

Becky Knutson
  • Responsible for all the association’s finances by maintaining a budget that reflects all incoming and outgoing expenses. 

  • Presents a quarterly report to the board, as well as reimburses members for approved purchases for Lighthouse sponsored events. 

  • Attends all board meetings and supports all Lighthouse events.

Mayan Huntley
  • Records and keeps a record of all minutes at the Lighthouse board meetings. 

  • Responsible for assisting committee volunteers with reserving facilities and serves as a point of contact for outside communication/businesses. 

  • Attends all board meetings and supports at Lighthouse events.

Membership Coordinator
Vanessa Ladrie
  • Main contact for both returning and new memberships. 

  • Receives and processes all membership applications, communicates with members, and compiles the information into a directory. 

  • Attends all board meetings and supports at Lighthouse events.

Calendar / Club Coordinator
Calendar / Club Coordinator
  • Organizes and maintains the Lighthouse calendar.

  • Serves as the main communication for Lighthouse volunteers when planning events and clubs and directly contacts club and social leaders to ensure the weekly Lighthouse events and clubs emails reflect current and accurate information with regards to day, time and location.

  • Attends all board meetings and supports at all Lighthouse events.

Hospitality Coordinator
Emily Strassell
  • Leads the board in the planning and execution of Lighthouse wide events, parent meetings, the yearly Christmas Tea and other fellowships. 

  • Takes time to make sure the members feel welcomed and cared for at all events, as well as making sure all needed supplies are available for use at events. 

  • Attends all board meetings and supports at Lighthouse events.

Technology Coordinator
Technology Coordinator
  • Serves as a resource to the board for all technology needs. 
  • Will set up and assist board members with email systems and update website information. 
  • Responsible for monitoring the social media platforms and Groups IO email system. 
  • Attends board meetings and Lighthouse wide events as often as possible. This position is a non-voting board position.