1. What does membership include?

Membership in Lighthouse provides access to a variety of activities and events specifically tailored to support both students and parents. These include educational events, social gatherings, and a range of support services aimed at enhancing the homeschooling experience. Detailed benefits can be found under Member Benefits on our website.

2. How much is membership?

Membership normally costs $85 per family, annually. We offer a $15 early bird discount for renewals before September 1st each year. We do offer scholarships for single parents, financial hardships and alumni who’ve graduated all their children from Lighthouse. 

3. Where are you located?

Lighthouse operates in the Wake Forest area and surrounding regions. We do not own a permanent facility; instead, we rent spaces as needed for events and classes, allowing us flexibility to choose locations that best suit our activities

4. Are you a co-op?

Lighthouse is not a traditional co-op. Instead, we provide a range of cooperative classes through our Compass Lighthouse Learning Community. This allows members to participate in structured educational sessions that complement their homeschooling curriculum, fostering a collaborative learning environment. *Please note that Compass is only offered to current members who have been in Lighthouse for 6 months before enrollment opens.


5. What classes do we offer?

Our class offerings change annually, reflecting the interests and educational needs of our community. Classes are detailed on our Compass platform and can range from academic subjects to arts and practical skills, accommodating different age groups and learning styles.


6. What are the LH graduation requirements?

To graduate under Lighthouse, students need to be registered members during their Junior and Senior years. Additionally, both students and their parents are expected to contribute to the planning and execution of the graduation ceremony, fostering a community-driven celebration.


7. What clubs are available?

Clubs will vary from year to year. In the past, we’ve had clubs for all grade levels including airsoft, board games, chess, art, book, geography, golf, horse, PE, sports and rock climbing, just to name a few.


8. What activities do you offer?

Our club offerings change each year based on member interest and volunteer availability. Past clubs have included a wide range of interests such as airsoft, chess, various sports, art, and book clubs, catering to all educational levels. To view all past events, click here.  If you want to see upcoming events, you can view our calendar page. If you are a member and logged in, you can see more event details in our calendar. 


9. How do I volunteer at Lighthouse events?

Lighthouse relies on volunteer support to organize and run our wide range of events. Members interested in volunteering can sign up through our website or contact our board for more information on available opportunities and how to get involved.


10. Are there any resources for parents new to homeschooling?

Yes, Lighthouse offers a variety of resources for parents new to homeschooling, including workshops, mentorship programs, and access to our experienced member network. These resources are designed to help new homeschoolers navigate their educational journey effectively.


11. What is the policy on siblings attending events?

Siblings are welcome at many Lighthouse events, especially those designed for families. Specific details and any restrictions related to age or event type can be found in the event descriptions on our website.


12. How does Lighthouse handle conflicts or disputes within the community?

Lighthouse has a conflict resolution policy to handle disputes within the community. This process involves mediation by community leaders to ensure issues are resolved respectfully and constructively, maintaining the integrity and harmony of the group.


13. Can non-members attend Lighthouse events?

While most Lighthouse events are exclusive to members, certain events, like Park Family Days and Parent meetings, are open to non-members. These open events provide an opportunity for those interested to learn more about Lighthouse and consider joining.


14. What support does Lighthouse offer for advanced learners?

Lighthouse provides specialized programs and resources for advanced learners, including accelerated classes and clubs focused on high-level competencies. These initiatives are meant to challenge students and support their advanced educational needs.

15. How many homeschoolers are there in NC?

During the 2021-2022 school year, North Carolina had 100,904 registered homeschools, educating an estimated 160,528 students aged 6 to 17, according to statistics from the NC Division of Non-Public Education. NC DNPE Homeschool Statistic


16. Can my child still participate in public school activities like band or sports?

The North Carolina legislature has empowered the North Carolina High School Athletic Association to oversee sports in public high schools. Homeschoolers can participate in high school sports based on the principal’s approval and specific conditions, typically requiring part-time enrollment at the school. Additionally, the growth of homeschool athletics includes teams for volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, swimming, and football, participating in state, regional, and national tournaments. NCHEAC is a prominent statewide homeschool athletic league. Lighthouse Sports also provides competitive sports teams for middle and high school students in basketball, cross country, and volleyball.


Participation in public school clubs and activities like band is not widely accepted, and is usually determined by the principal of the school.  Alternatives to many of these activities are available within the homeschooling community. Capital Christian Homeschool BandCarolina Capital Homeschool Prom, and Wake Forest Christian Honor Society are three examples.


17. How will my child receive a high school diploma?

You can issue your student’s diploma through your private homeschool setup, which is legally recognized as fulfilling your educational requirements. Diplomas can be created using computer software, obtained through homeschool organizations like NCHE or HSLDA, or ordered from professional printing services. Lighthouse also provides a professional-looking diploma as part of our graduation package.


18. How much does homeschooling cost?

Costs vary widely depending on the materials chosen, the age of the children, and whether resources are shared among siblings. Expenses can range from $100 to $1000 per student annually, including curriculum, extracurricular activities, school supplies, and other associated costs. Costs tend to be higher for teenagers than for younger children.