Here you will find a list of state sites that can help you keep up with NC  laws, national sites that will aid you in understanding the atmosphere of homeschooling here in America and around the world.


NC Legal Requirements & Homeschool Information

DOA’s Division of Non-Public Education oversees and monitors all home and private schools in North Carolina, ensuring they remain in compliance with state law.


North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE)

NCHE is a private, volunteer organization whose mission is to protect, promote, and provide support for homeschoolers across North Carolina. They host an annual Homeschool Conference and Book Fair in Winston-Salem each May– one of the biggest in the country– as well as provide publications like the Greenhouse Report, their website, legislative lobbyist, and regional directors who provide information and support to local support groups all across the state. Join NCHE for as little as $5 a year.



Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the defend and advocate for the freedom of parents and legal guardians to chose and direct the education of our children in the courtrooms, with government, and public arenas.