Here at Lighthouse, we are a volunteer-led homeschool support group and we take pride in the variety of activities our volunteers offer to our community each year.


From educational opportunities and special interests clubs to fun-filled family gatherings and academic celebrations, our events are designed to enrich, educate, and entertain every member of our community.


On this page, you’ll find some of our previous events volunteers and families have hosted, showcasing a wide array of events you could host and involvement of our members.


If you signup to become a member, you will have access to a complete listing of our current clubs and events, along with all the details. This is a secured member’s only section to protect the privacy of our members’ information. 


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Annual Events

  • Back to School Picnic: This event is our back to school kick-off where parents and children can meet one another and learn about this year’s clubs, socials and activities available throughout the year.
  • Christmas Craft Fair: A festive event where preschoolers through high schoolers have an opportunity to make homemade crafts that are perfect for holiday gift-giving, play some games and have time celebrating the season together.
  • Gingerbread Contest: Individuals create imaginative gingerbread houses, which are then brought to the Christmas Craft Fair to be judged in their age groups for creativity and craftsmanship in a fun and festive atmosphere.
  • Ladies Christmas Tea: An elegant affair where the women of our community gather around beautifully decorated tables, to enjoy an evening of tea and a potluck meal, engage in conversations, and celebrate the season with music and a Christmas devotion.
  • Field Day: A day filled with competitive games and sports, promoting physical fitness and friendly competition among students of all ages.
  • Prom: A formal dance that provides high school students with a memorable night of music, dancing, and camaraderie in a beautifully decorated setting.
  • End of Year Celebration: Marks the conclusion of the academic year with a celebration for our whole community to come together and celebrate.
  • Barn Dances: Yearly dances that offer middle and high school students a chance to socialize, enjoy music, and learn formal and informal dance styles.
  • Yearbook: A student-led project that captures the year’s events and memories in a professionally designed annual yearbook.

Academic Events

  • Art Contest: A showcase of student creativity in different age groups, the Art Contest displays a variety of media including paintings, drawings, and photography in which participants vote on their favorite art pieces.
  • Battle of the Books: In this team-based competition, students read a pre-selected list of books and compete to answer questions about them, enhancing their reading comprehension and teamwork skills.
  • International Fair: Celebrating cultural diversity, the International Fair features booths representing various countries, filled with artifacts, traditional costumes, and culinary delights. Each participant will receive a passport to be filled with stamps from each country.
  • Night at the Museum: A fun evening where students dress up as their chosen historical figure and act as if made of wax, seemingly frozen until the bell rings when their character suddenly comes to life–moving and telling facts as the audience tries to guess the historical figure.
  • Geography Bee: Students test their knowledge of world geography in a competitive format, answering questions about countries, cultures, and physical earth features.
  • Science Fair: Students conduct experiments and present their scientific research, applying the scientific method to explore their hypotheses. This event cultivates analytical skills and scientific curiosity, while allowing for practical application of learned concepts.
  • Spelling Bee: A classic academic challenge that emphasizes vocabulary development and orthographic skills.  Competitors advance through increasingly difficult rounds, showcasing their linguistic prowess.
  • Talent Show: An opportunity for students to showcase their unique talents, whether it be in music, dance, drama, or other special skills. The Talent Show is both entertaining and supportive, boosting confidence and celebrating diverse abilities.

Interest Clubs

  • Cooking/Baking Club: Members learn culinary techniques and try their hand at different recipes, enhancing their cooking skills while also learning math, reading and cooperative learning.
  • Art/Craft Club: This club encourages creativity and fine motor skills as students engage in various artistic and craft projects, from painting to crocheting. These clubs are based on age and skill levels.
  • Culture/Geography Club: Focused on exploring the customs, traditions, and landscapes of different regions, this club is a fun way to learn about people and cultures; their foods, art, music, games and home life.
  • Hiking/Outdoor Club: This club promotes physical health and an appreciation for nature through organized hikes and outdoor activities. 
  • Running Club: Catering to all levels of runners, this club organizes regular runs and fitness sessions, aiming to improve stamina and overall health. 
  • Sport Specific Club: Each sport-specific club focuses on developing skills, understanding game rules, and promoting teamwork among its members. From soccer to volleyball, these clubs provide structured learning and encourage health and fitness.
  • Board Games Club: A social club where members play a variety of board games, learning strategy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It’s a fun way to develop cognitive abilities and social interaction.
  • Chess Club: Enhancing strategic thinking and patience, the Chess Club offers lessons for students of all skill levels. Members improve their game tactics and compete with one another. 

Family Events

  • Family Park Days: Held in local parks, these park days provide a relaxed atmosphere for families to enjoy games, play time, and socialize with other community members. These park days are open to non-members as a way to meet Lighthouse members and learn about our organization.
  • Camping Weekend: Families come together for a weekend of camping, engaging in activities such as hiking, fishing, and storytelling around the campfire. This event strengthens family bonds and encourages a love for the outdoors.
  • Square Dance: A lively event featuring traditional square dancing, calling, and live music, this dance invites families to learn patterns and steps together. It’s both fun and active, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment.
  • Praise/Worship Nights: These nights bring families together for spiritual enrichment through music, prayer, and fellowship. It’s a supportive environment that strengthens community bonds and provides spiritual guidance.
  • Promotion Night: Celebrating academic milestones, Promotion Night recognizes students advancing to the next grade level or phase in their education. It’s a proud moment for families and a motivational event for students.
  • Kindergarten Graduation: A joyful celebration marking the beginning of a child’s educational journey, this ceremony honors the achievements of kindergarten students. Families gather to watch their young learners receive diplomas in a festive and encouraging setting.
  • High School Graduation: A significant rite of passage, High School Graduation acknowledges the hard work of our students and celebrates their many accomplishments. Families join together to honor these students during this time of transition out of their homeschool journey.