Some of our teams are conference teams. Some are not. If it is listed as conference, that team will participate in The North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC). If it is listed as “non-conference”, they will still play games and attend an end-of-year tournament.



NCHEAC Requirements

In order to compete with the NCHEAC the following requirements must be met:

  • The athlete’s family must be listed on the NCDNPE website or receive email of Notice of Intent confirmation from DNPE.
  • Athletes must be actively homeschooled in compliance with North Carolina homeschool law as administrated by the Department of Non-Public Education. This means that no private or public school students may play in any regular season homeschool games used for tournament seeding purposes or play in any tournament games.

Additional rules and guidelines can be found at



Other Requirements

Coaches, Commissioners, and Athletic Director are required to have read and understood these rules. It is strongly encouraged that parents review these rules and guidelines as things that they do may also affect the eligibility of their child in the NCHEAC.